Wednesday, November 14, 2012

~I had an epiphany today...

So if you consider yourself a hipster and you are okay with that, then perhaps you should stop reading right now and go somewhere else on the internets.

So are all the "cool to be hipster" people gone? today I learned a lesson that hipsters are not cool and in fact are douche bags. How did I learn this little tid bit of info? Well it all started with a comic I read by The Oatmeal. About goats and hipsters and their similarities. (By the way if you have never read The Oatmeal, Googley him right now! Well maybe not right now, but after reading this Googley him!)

So back to the lesson, hipsters can be indifferent (which at random times can be relatively cool) and can grow impressive beards. However you know what else acts indifferently and can grow a beard....A GOAT!!! yes you heard me a goat!!!

Goats eat anything (ie my homework) and when you tell the teacher that's what happened and she doesn't believe and you get an F. Thanks a lot you freakin goat, you're a douche bag!
Then you go home with your undeserved F in hand and tell gramma that the reason why you got an F was because the douche bag goat ate your homework and the teacher doesn't believe you because once you said the cat ate your homework even though you didn't have a cat and then the teacher became so concerned because you are allergic to cats so she calls home to talk with your mother only to find out that there is no cat and you get caught lying because you didn't do the stupid homework because well it was stupid...

I'm sure it happens all the time...So here's a summary:
Goat =Douche Bag
Goat = Hipster
Hipster = Douche Bag

Hey not only a life lesson but also a math lesson!
You're welcome!