Wednesday, November 14, 2012

~I had an epiphany today...

So if you consider yourself a hipster and you are okay with that, then perhaps you should stop reading right now and go somewhere else on the internets.

So are all the "cool to be hipster" people gone? today I learned a lesson that hipsters are not cool and in fact are douche bags. How did I learn this little tid bit of info? Well it all started with a comic I read by The Oatmeal. About goats and hipsters and their similarities. (By the way if you have never read The Oatmeal, Googley him right now! Well maybe not right now, but after reading this Googley him!)

So back to the lesson, hipsters can be indifferent (which at random times can be relatively cool) and can grow impressive beards. However you know what else acts indifferently and can grow a beard....A GOAT!!! yes you heard me a goat!!!

Goats eat anything (ie my homework) and when you tell the teacher that's what happened and she doesn't believe and you get an F. Thanks a lot you freakin goat, you're a douche bag!
Then you go home with your undeserved F in hand and tell gramma that the reason why you got an F was because the douche bag goat ate your homework and the teacher doesn't believe you because once you said the cat ate your homework even though you didn't have a cat and then the teacher became so concerned because you are allergic to cats so she calls home to talk with your mother only to find out that there is no cat and you get caught lying because you didn't do the stupid homework because well it was stupid...

I'm sure it happens all the time...So here's a summary:
Goat =Douche Bag
Goat = Hipster
Hipster = Douche Bag

Hey not only a life lesson but also a math lesson!
You're welcome!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dirty Girls Can Wear Red Too!!!

I am an avid reader of The Bloggess...well let me try that again. I have a crazed like boy band fan love for The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson. I ♥ her writing, her sense of humor, her crazy and not so crazy stories and her Lawsbian Army. Every time I read her blog I walk away with something whether its a new vocab word such as douche canoe (which is still my all time favorite word!) or an idea to try or just a smile on my face. Regardless of the demons she is fighting, she is a survivor and that is something that I not only crazily respect but I can relate to. So you're probably wondering why the hell I'm singing these praises and being all sappy....cause usually the sappy side of this blog is brought to you by ~LK~. Jenny has this story about wanting to wear a strapless red ball gown with no apologies. She does this and photographs the experiences. I could try to rehash the experience she had but I would fail miserably so just go read her post about it.
go ahead I'll wait......................ok you back? good! So this one experience spurred a movement of sorts and it just resonated with me. I'm not an overly girly girl. I'm a sporty girl that's not afraid to get dirty. I'm lucky to get a brush through my hair before I leave the house in the morning. I wear pajama pants to the grocery store without even thinking twice. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through. I guess you can say I'm the epitome of a low maintenance girl. However there was something about having a red dress moment that I couldn't shake. I had to have one. A lot people don't realize that just because I'm a creature of comfort doesn't mean I don't like to feel pretty & feminine. It just means that there better be a damn good reason to get dolled up. To me the red dress moment was a damn good reason. The women I know and work with are similar to me in that we are 'dirty' girls. We work long hours out in the hot sun and dirt. Sometimes we might work with flowers but we don't necessarily smell like them at the end of the day. Doing this day after day sometimes you start to feel like less of a woman. What better way to celebrate being strong and abled bodied women than wearing red dresses at our place of work. The girls were down with the idea and we picked the day, which was the last day of my internship. It was a great feeling all throughout the photo shoot. Our first pictures we picked a place and our tools of the trade and just threw down poses that would make Heidi Klum jealous.
Yes that's us with our shovels, trowels, loppers and a chainsaw!

For our next backdrop we though we would hang out in the trees....
not a real parrot above my head!!!

For the last backdrop we though we would hit the beach! The wind was perfect. The light was great. 
Kristy's cape kept fluttering in the breeze! It was really cool!

Then we all decided to try an action shot!
Think we succeeded!!!!

Our red dress moment was amazing! It was cool to have the guys look at us and do a double take because we weren't in our field clothes covered in sand and sweat. It was just an all round empowering like feeling. Remember folks...DIRTY GIRLS CAN WEAR RED TOO!!!!

PS regardless of how ~LK~ feels about putting on a red ball gown, she & I are doing this...SOOON!! In fact, first paycheck I get, I'm going over there and we're having a red dress sonic moment!!! so stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*~ One of My Finer TP'ing moments~*~

Working in a restaurant filled with kids who are young and learn quickly how to occupy your time during the slow hours of work and on your break. You play pranks. Everyone has had their car Toilet Papered...or Blue Cheese stuck in their purse at least one time during their stay at work. I myself have been a mastered T.P'er from the get go. I have toilet papers cars around shopping baskets...and then around trees....and even TP'ed motorcycles. 

 One of my best pranks involved a manger who I knew was transferring to a different store. So on my lunch break along with a fellow employee...I walked over to him to chat..and swiftly stole his keys from him. We jumped into his SUV and the proceeded to blow up over 100 or so Balloons and put them in the trunk. So he wouldn't see them until he popped open the hatch and all the balloons would pour out. We had brought from the Dollar Store Dr. Seuss window clings and placed them throughout the windows. We then Tp'ed the seats and the steering wheel. Mean while every time we saw an employee walk to their car...or the manager walk by the window in the restaurant..we would dunk onto the floor. After making his SUV look like a birthday party hangover gone wrong...we quickly made our way back into the restaurant and placed his keys back in the same spot we got them. 

Our shifts ended soon after and we were heading to our cars...Just as we were about to leave...we saw him walk to his SUV and open up the was late so he didn't notice Dr Seuss staring at him through the window. After opening door, the look we got was said "Hide under your bed with a flashlight cause I'm gonna get you back" look. He shook his head and headed to the trunk to place his bag back there...oh yea...don't think we ever ran that fast to our cars. Oh the Tp Memories I have...good times.

~*~Birthday Gifts~*~

A long time ago, we were friends with a girl who, at the time, we thought was a friend but later learned otherwise...but that is not a fun story. The story I'm telling is about a birthday gift we had made for her.

 This girl loved to shop and honestly...we had no idea what to do for her because her taste was a little expensive. So being the creative genesis' we are...we went around the plaza we worked in..and got a $5 gift card from random places.... Claire's...the movie theater...I even think Bath and Body Works. There was a few more in there that I just can't remember. We made a cute little basket and bada bing..a basket full of tiny filled gift cards to spend on her break from work. 

Oh yes, this was a great idea at the time...but thinking back now...I wonder how much of a hassle it was to remember you had all those gift cards...and how much it was a hassle to bring them shopping with you. She wasn't the most organized girl out there so I betting it was difficult. So now..after realizing this..I have decided that was the best possible gift to give an ex friend. Karma baby! 

~*~Zombie Insight~*~

Rhinos are the Zombie Versions of Unicorns. 


While at Worlds of Fun in Missouri. Kat and I decided to tackle all rides there. One was a giant kids spinning ride that was an octopus. While waiting on line to ride on one of the Octopus tentacles that will spin us around until we throw up..I noticed a forest next to the ride. Being a tree lover that I am...or course I noticed it. I asked Kat if it was filled with wildlife or was it just a bunch of trees the park put up for shade. She said it was filled with animals.

 Finally our turn comes up and we take our seat. On the same Tentacle as us was a heavy older gentleman who was sitting by himself and the third seat was 2 young kids. The ride takes off and while the tentacles also dips at an angle...great ride in theory however..when its time to get off the ride, you have to sit in the air while the employee takes the people off the ride one seat at a you spend about 90% of the time just sitting. 

 While sitting there, A deer came out of the woods! A deer!! Thinking quickly, I told Kat we needed to name him and the first thing that came to mind was Bologna! Who doesn't think of Bologna while riding a Tentacle of a Octopus? So as quickly as I asked, I yelled at the top of my lungs "BBBBOOOLLLOOGGGNNNAAA". Not only did we get the oddest look for the dude sitting near us, the Bologna actually turned to us! As if he knew his name already and was waiting for us to say roll over or something! 

Just then the kids sitting all around us heard us call our new friend and started yelling "Deer! Deer!" and poor Bologna felt angry that the rest did not know his name and he took off. =o(

For the rest of our Worlds of Fun experience we did not see Bologna however I will always remember him visiting us while we were stuck on that Octopus. It also makes a great story to tell because seriously, how many times do you get to say Bologna, Octopus, and deer in one story telling? 

~*Rental Car Rule #1*~

 When Renting a car...there is one golden rule you should follow...learn how and what all the buttons are for in the car before leaving the facility. 

 While in Missouri, Kat rented a mini van. I know what your young chicks on vacay and you get a mini van?? The answer is yes, when you have as many family members as Kat Does. was days after we have been sitting in the van when we finally notice that this van has a sunroof! Who knew mini vans actually had sunroofs! (This was about 6 years ago before mini vans were cool). 

It was the day before we had to leave to go back home, and it has been sunny and clear skies all week. So to celebrate our awesome vacay we did one last Taco Bell  late night run. Back at our hotel, we tried to close to the sun roof but couldn't. Both hungry and tired, we went inside the hotel and by the time we stepped outside the van, we both had completely forgotten about the sunroof. 

Next morning we got up, packed and so nicely left the hotel a bunch of inflatable cheap pool toys all over the room and headed to the van. If I remember correctly, we both did the same "Oh Snap" look when we noticed it had just rained and we both had forgotten about the sunroof. Too late to do anything about it...we get in the car. Luckly for Kat, My favorite jacket was left in the van and soaked up most of the rain water for her side...I however wasn't as lucky and got to ride the whole ride to the car rental place with a wet pants. 

That goodness, my pants dried before boarding the again...ALWAYS learn what buttons do what, or bring an extra pair of pants with you at all times. 

~*Norm in a Can*~

Norm in  a Can started out as a dream, Its a long story and Kat tells it the best...but I will let her tell that story. For my post all you need to know is for her Husband's Christmas gift I decided to make a story book based on her dream of Norm in a Can. (Norm is almost like Bob Villa but better) 

 So first I wanted to make this story book almost like a scrapbook. I created a mini Norm out of clay, and I made him a can and decorated it. Norm even had a mini clay hammer. After making Norm, I needed an adventure for him to go I about the story of how Norm can to be a Home Improvement dude!? So  "The Adventures of Norm in a Can..Norm goes to College!" was born.

Kat was more then happy to help me in the quest to get pictures of my Clay Norm out and about in a college we went to her College and gave Norm the grand tour. We got pictures of him in parking front of the law a class room...and even him stuck in a UPS mail slot. We did however get many odd looks when we decided Norm needed to study in the library and photo copy his butt on the copier machine. Its college..I'm sure the kids have seen many odd ball items during their time but they were giving 2 grown woman odd looks about photo copying a clay figure's butt?? Wtf Mate!

 I think to was one of my most awesomeness scrapbooks I have made.  The photos really told a story, and it brought a funny bit Kat and Her man had to life. 

FYI "The Adventures of Norm in A Can...Norm goes to Spain" will hopefully be completed for this Christmas. 

~*The Salsa/ Buffalo Sauce Mistake*~

 So while working in a fast paced restaurant environment, you  have a millions of things on your mind. Many tasks are thrown your way and you just learn to roll with the punches when things go south...or in my with your bestest friend so she can help cover up your mistakes. 

 It was an early morning shift and the Chips and Salsa were selling like hotcakes...I mean seriously...who doesn't lovvveee Salsa????? was my task to refill the salsa as a trooper, I headed to the fridge to get the salsa!  ...If you ever been in a restaurant is dark you try to make it quick when retrieving items.The Salsa was handmade in these silver containers...however...everything else in the world was also made in these same exact containers as well. I quickly grabbed the container that was filled with red stuff that looked correct. I ran up to the front and poured it into the container into what was half way filled with salsa. 

Immediately I notice the color difference and the HUGE fact that there were no spices..or chunks in the liquid I just poured into the salsa container.  Did I really just pour a whole container or hot sauce in the salsa??? Not knowing how to fix my mistake I just stood there with my mouth wide opened...wondering if I should try my best to scoop it out..or should I think of someone to blame...Kat was near me and saw my look and yelled "Stir it!" I did...and at that moment, servers were heading my way so I disposed of that buffalo sauce container in the dishwasher pile.

At this point I'm a little freaked because most of our customers that went to our restaurant during the day were older..and preferred none spicy items.Surprisingly we had so many comments that afternoon about how good the salsa was! It actually had a kick and compliments were given to the servers about it. That changed quickly when the salsa had to be refilled and it did not have the same punch like before...I didn't say anything and just let the fact that for one afternoon, I gave our customers the best Salsa ever and let it rest like that. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

~*~ The Cure ~*~

Nachos and French Fries heal all wounds. If you in need of more help..I suggest deep fried mushrooms with a spicy dipping sauce.

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~Deep Thinkin'~

The next time life gets rough try this! Think of life as a big bowl of ice cream Now just think of the big bowl of ice cream unless you are lactose intolerant.... then just think of sex!

 Originally Posted January 1, 2012

And now the award for best comic drawn while bored in class...

Yes I drew this comic. Hey I gotz mad comic drawing skills, don't be jealous! Anyways I drew this a couple of semesters ago while I should have been paying attention in calculus. Or as Dr. Li called cowquwus. Yeah he was not from here...not that we should hold that against him. The title of this comic: "You're really boring Mr. Lecturer Guy so I'm going to Nom Yo Head!"
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Letters to Santa aka WTF Santa you freakin blocked me!!?!?!

~*~Written on Twitter, cause that's where everyone is these days! Even Santa!
Kat: Why can I not concentrate on this damn paper?!?! Dear Santa, Please bring me some Ritalin PDQ! My paper is due in 2 days!
Kat: Like tonight. You'd be like my favorite person in the world! Sincerely, ME oh PS I ate all the cookies but I do have some pasta...
Kat: its left over from dinner. Mami says its good but not sure if she's the best judge. Ya know her cooking...
Kat: Wait Santa I got Jello!! oh and those awesome frozen burritos! and Gummy Bears!
Kat: wait sorry not sharing those Gummy Bears big guy. But I do have some peanuts...
Kat: they may or may not be maybe you should just opt for the jello cup? **uncertain look**
~LK~: dude he's Santa! Atleast leave him a soda!
~LK~: maybe I should make a list!
~LK~: Dear Santa, Ive been a good girl...well ok I did have my moments but seriously who hasnt!? Anyway Enclosed is my list-.....
Kat: Dear Santa please disregard ~LK~ about soda. We have none but I do have cranberry-apple juice which is good for your GI system!
~LK~: #1 on my list is Wrestlemania tickets- this is more of a need then a want,U never know when U will need to know how to bodyslam someone!
Kat: There is also some weird looking liquid with bubbles in a random jar in the fridge...May or may not be cuban soda.
Kat: Oh wait hold up there Santa, Mami just walked by with said jar...offer for cran-apple juice is still on the table! ALL 72oz baybay!
~LK~: #2, how bout the ability to make my body flexable enough to become a human pretzel!
~LK~: #3...ribbon..lots and lots of ribbon
Kat: Well maybe not all 72oz, my ulcers have been acting up lately...hence the need for that RITALIN!!! Yo hook a girl up Big Guy!
~LK~: #4, i would ask for wings to fly, but im scared of bout gills?, wait cant swim nevermind..ummm oh pink highlights!
Kat: Freakin A Santa you are in luck man!!! I found 3 bottles of champagne...lets party!
~LK~: #5 nacho cheese =o)
~LK~: #6.. A job application to be an elf... I have references!!!!!
~LK~: #7 $63 in pennies
Kat: We don't even have to use those lame ass champagne glasses. We can drink straight from the bottle. B/C we're all about the class here!
Kat: Anyways Santa come on over! We'll watch The Santa Clause, get trashed and just maybe I'll share those gummy bears. Kat: Just remember to bring that Ritalin!! Love, hugs and lollipops, Kat

Kat: Um Santa, I think ~LK~ has been distracted by something shiny...hopefully not someone's hiny...anyways let me finish for her..
Kat: Bring her anything 1) glittery, 2) pink, 3) shiny...and you are golden! Trust me on this one!
Kat: Oh and she also wants world peace, end world hunger and to teach blind kids to read...what a humanitarian!
Kat: crap a duck man, sorry Santa that is her pageant speech. Just keep with the glitter, pink and shiny thing.
Kat: Thank you Santa, We ♥ You! Sincerely, Kat & ~LK~

Kat: PPS we'll try harder next promises though!

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If its not broke don't fix it!!!!

Guess who's back...back again...Kat is back, with LK...guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back... That's right biatches we're about deliver ALL RANDOMNESS ALL THE TIME!!! ***FANGIRL SCREAM!!!!!*****

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

at a kind of crossroads...



that pretty much sums it up right now....fuck a duck man

Originally Posted May 2011 by ~kat

This post was in response to some cah-razeh drama that was going on in my life. In which my response was to shut this blog down. I had had enough so I decided that I would unplug from the internet for awhile and take a break. Maybe even re-evaluate things. That perhaps one of the people responsible for this drama had a point. So I unplugged. For one month I had no twitter, no facebook, no blog, no msn, no nothing. Just logged on to check my email for updates from my profs and my online classes. At first I had felt sort of relieved. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After a couple of weeks, I felt as if I were in a prison. I became seriously anti-social and withdrawn. I couldn't interact with my family. We used Facebook to stay in touch since we live so far away from each other. I couldn't interact with my faceless friends on twitter because well I had deactivated that. I couldn't even blog, because well I had taken that down too. All the while my hubs kept telling me that he didn't understand why I felt the need to close up shop. That I was being ridiculous. Then I realized by the end of the month, he was right I was being ridiculous. Regardless of how some decides to perceive what I write or what I say or what I create...its mine and not theirs. As long as I'm truthful in what I say, then what was I worried about? It is not my fault someone decided to take what I said and apply to their situation. My first post was about exactly that! It holds just as true today as it did when I originally wrote it in 2008:
The one resonating quality that strings all my thoughts together like lights on a Christmas tree is that they are my own. I will always say what I feel is the truth and I will be the first to admit when I was wrong. I will not however take responsibility for your reaction. I don't force you to react one way or another. Your reactions are your own and therefore are YOUR RESPONSIBLITY! So don't tell someone, well this blogger named kat, yeah she said **insert random thought here** so I decided to **insert some random reaction there**...I might inspire but I don't forciably (hell is that even a word WTF?) make you react and do things. So please don't point your grubby manicured fingers at me, didn't your momma teach that pointing is rude?
Okay one more thing...I can't stop you from having your own opinions regardless of how stupid they may be. Please be aware that you can not stop me from having my own opinions regardless of how honest they are. If you don't like soup I'm serving, then biatch please, go find another kitchen!

~Say wha?? Part DOS~

So after all that twitterness funtastic awesomeness, I thought I would put in ~LK~'s twitter name and find out what her next tweet would be...

1) On a tissue! Keep those suckers for my bestest friend...Dumbass we are going!
2) Watching so complete me =o kkkaaaattttt did u mess with us..we don't get even in a tissue!
3) Entertained yet? On a cute couple!! Finished the dog book- now its on a tissue what I shall scrap crap!
4) If people have no idea what I ain't complaining though! Dreamed i did!
5) Hard to believe Lady Gaga is on a tissue what you can keep them! =o Jamming to xmas!!
6)Oh Mr. Large Fountain I have no clue on what you do..u rock!
7) get any further with Scrap-Crap-listic happiness!
8) If people have the land as Mr Choo..will it make a Dog scrapbook!?
9) I'm officially a rollercoaster of kids for $20!! They are napping so heres my dad on a tissue!
10) Cant go online! At a tissue!

So what have we learned about ~LK~ through these "That can be my next tweet" experience? She has an obsession with scrapping and tissues! It also looks as if ~LK~ is also having an affair with exclamation points as well...that bitch! And the dog scrapbook, just how much did you freakin tweet about that, ~LK~?

one more for the road? Sure why not?!?!?!
On a tissue! Keep doing what? I'm not surprised by this feeling! If you hate me, you can keep them!

lmao why am I not surprised its about a damn tissue?

Originally Posted April 2011 by ~kat

~Say wha??~

So for the last I dunno like 30 minutes I've been playing around this website called "That can be my next tweet". When I thought I could not get anymore random this site has pushed the envelope and I have now become even more random. Don't tell me its not possible because it just happened! So here's a list of 10 tweets that could be my next tweet...

1) Last presentation about fah-reakie!!!
2)Omg what I will be selectively deprotonated w/ the sky girl!!!
3)Booyah slipped in one more people are telling me giggle. guess i roll biatches!
4)Raspberry ice tea time!! That Cobra needs a positron collider...
5) HOLY CRAPTASTIC BATMAN!!!! My mother in Anatomy: The best place where you are dumbasses!
6) Ok so I ♥ it!! The Legend of being my brain, diff story just leaves me gigglin'.
7) No NRG...juss chillin maybe that'll be so fun but the gas pumps applauded...
8) Wow I ♥ it!! Conclusion: the conclusion that I ♥ with a friend Kat I ♥ with my Vitamin D synthesis!
9) HOLY CRAPTASTIC SUCKTACULAR SPIFFNESS!!! Need coffee before 6pm!!! that I don't speak orgo chem...
10) Made from trees & Kat... Well I was GREAT!!!!!

In everything I do I try to learn something from the experience. So what have I learned for this?
I seem to have a love affair with exclamation points. However I'm creepin' on the side with the ♥ symbol. I hope they don't find out about each other LoL... I tweet ALOT about school and sciency things...wasupwithdat? and it seems that my new vocab word that I need to add to the kat-tionary is CRAPTASTIC!
anyways, one more for the road!!!!!
Need vid making/editing software, maybe even animation...this damn movie maker thing is a closet perv...

hehehehee I ♥ this thing!!!

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~Oops! ...I Did It Again~

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think I did it again...
well I know, yes I did it again. I once again distracted the class and got the "look". Of course when that look comes from the beneficient one himself, I don't quiver with fear in my flip flops. However I did distract the class yet again. Why oh why do I keep doing this? Am I not being properly stimulated in this class? oh that didn't sound right, did it? Ok well is this course just not challenging me enough? I could honestly say, probably not. I'm bored and when Kat gets bored...well Kat decides to entertain herself. Lately I've been an avid reader of the Tree Lobsters comic strip. Super funny, I suggest you go check them out! So while in this class I read some of the science'y' blogs I keep up with, swing over to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (another comic you should be reading) and then shimmy up to the Tree Lobsters. Sometimes I can't help myself and I chuckle or LoL loudly when I read it. While I'm reading I sort of forget that I'm in an actual class where there is an actual professor, lecturing. I inevitably distract everyone. Mostly because they are trying to figure out what the doc said that was so damn funny! He then turns to me and gives me the "look". You know the one! The one that says "WTF, mate?" That look and I are very well acquainted. I get it frequently. Then he smiles and says okay whats so damn funny? So then I share, everyone has a laugh and then the beneficient one's RAM kicks in and we go down in a completely different path than we were on. hehehee it's great to hold such grand power, isn't it!?
So what was so damned special about today?!?! Well I got the "look" twice!!! The first time after reading the Tree Lobsters. I was able to contain my laughter for once but did one of those hand on forehead while shaking head smiling kind of things. At that same time the prof looked up straight at me and gave me the "WTF, mate" look....though he didn't ask me to share with the class. Mostly because he probably knew what I was doing. He just looked at me gave me the "look", and then smiled before giving me yet another look that I'm acquainted with, the "I'm only pretending to look pissed off" look. He then goes on with lecture. My attention starts to wane and once again I take to my computer to find some much needed entertainment to keep me from snoring in class. (yes its happened! Don't judge!) I went to my facebook and saw this link for a deleted scene from Jackass that was shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It was Britney Spears doing the port a potty sling shot thingie! Even without the sound it was AMAH-ZING!! I was trying to hold it in but I couldn't! It was as if the Hoover Dam was exploding! How the hell can you hold that kind of laughter back, I ask you?!?! Well let me tell you how....YOU CAN'T!!! not possible, at least for me its not. So I LoL'd loudly! Got not only the "WTF, mate?" look from the prof but in turn I also got the "that girl is so weird" look from my classmates. (yeah that's another look I get quite frequently...) Anyhoo, I apologized but it was intermittent with giggles. Of course everyone wanted to know what Kat though was damned funny but alas there was no time to show it. So I got people yelling at me as class lets out, 'Hey Kat, send me the link!!" As I left doc asked me if I was presenting on Friday. See I gotta do a little presentation on Vitamin D synthesize in the body and its relation to skin color. I told him if I finish my movie, I will. He has the "I'm going to be bad, this is going to be good" look on his face. I know he is now up to something!! Who says college is NOT fun!!??
Anyways, question of the day is: Why in the hell do you give me the "that girl is so weird" look when you know you are going to ask me to send you the link? Shouldn't you be giving me the "grateful you interrupted the old gas bag" look? Yeah that's what I thought...

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Black Berries and a New Love of the Mulberry

Blackberries should be nicknamed the fun berry. As Kat puts it, every little dot on the blackberry is a tiny explosion of flavor and fruitiness that only the blackberry gives. And she is right. Although Raspberries are similar..they don't have that extra pump of Yumminess explosion power as the blackberry. Besides both the Raspberry and Blackberry also are a way of re-assuring that Kat and I were always meant to be bestest friends. Blackberries are grown on her grandma's farm lining the gates in Missouri and Raspberries line my Grandma's gate in Connecticut. See it was meant to be!

So on to the Mulberry. There is a tree in my front yard that only blooms for a few weeks out of the year. At first we had no idea what it was or what the fruit was on it. But my hubby is an adventure seeker so he just ate one...turns out they were yummy! Shortly after describing this little berry to a neighbor we found out they are Mulberries! So yesterday I took the kiddies out side and we picked and picked and picked until we saw these giant Dinosaur looking Beatles came out then we returned inside the house. I made a homemade crust and maybe us a Mulberry pie. Hours later...with now purple stained hands, cabinets, counters and a few Tupperware containers..the pie is done! And it might even exceed the awesome-ness of the blackberry! It was that good!

In conclusion...we bow our heads to the Blackberry and Mulberry. You don't quite rank up there with the invisible space pickle but your pretty damn close.

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~Thomas The Train~

Saturday morning my vast knowledge of Thomas The Tank Engine actually paid off! The morning news asked the question "Where do Thomas The Train and his friends live?" I thought well holy crap I know that! So I entered the answer into an email and sent it off. Little did I know that 5 minutes later I would receive a reply saying that not only was I right but I had won 4 tickets to ride Thomas the Train! At first I was like KICKASS!!! and then I thought WTF!?!?! What in the hell was I, a grown woman with no children of her own do with 4 tickets to go ride Thomas the Train? Well I did what any young woman with a contracted bestest friend....CALL ~DA~!!! So I call her and ask hey what are you guys doing tomorrow? To which she replied uuumm I dunno, why? I asked her if there was any way they would be able to come over? To which she replied uuuummm I dunno, why? Then I told her that I had won 4 tickets to go see Thomas the Train and was thinking that her and Travis could take the kids or if Travis was working that her and I could take the kids. To which she replied uuumm how did you win the tickets and why would you? So I told her that I had the a vast knowledge of Thomas the Train due to two factors. Factor number one my brother Aaron was nuts about Thomas when he was a little ankle biter. We watched his Thomas videos DAILY! Trust me, Thomas and I are definitely acquainted!  To which she replied well let me call Travis & see what is up with him.  I said okay and we hung up. A little while later I get the following text: "He's calling the tire guy to see if they have tires for my car but its so far a yes! Oh and he said he can't make it so u know what that means?!?!?!?!? We finally have a reason to get the train shaped scrapbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The next morning I randomly slept in and I kept hearing my phone. I finally woke up to go get my coffee. I saw a text that said "Call me when you get a chance". I'm one of those people that have to be awake for at least 30 minutes before I can start talking to people. So replied "My brain just woke up so as soon as my voice does, I will". Once I was parked in front of the starbucks I figured my voice should be awake enough to at least see what was up with ~DA~. So I called...boy I should I should forced my voice to wake up earlier!!! She told me she was on I-75 and that Travis decided not to go. That she was on her way to me so we could hang before going to see Thomas. She kept talking but seeing how my brain just clicked on it took me a minute to process what she had just said. About a minute later I said WHOA! wait you are on your way here! I haven't even showered! In fact I just threw on the clothes I had on yesterday just to go to Starbucks! Perhaps you need to slow down a bit, at least slow enough for me to get my coffee, get back and shower! So she decides to stop for breakfast and I got some time to make myself an interactive human. Once I was ready she was here and we were on our way!!
~DA~ taught TJ on the drive over to pull the whistle string and say CHOOCHOO!! I then realized that 3 out of the 4 people in the car had never seen a Thomas episode and that the one person who had was one of the adults! However I was determined that this was going to be good time for all! We get to the train museum and saw a small line of cars at the parking lot. There was a person at the entrance with a handful of money. Both ~DA~ and I looked at each neither of us had thought it was going to cost to park let alone thought of bringing cash! So we both started digging through bags, cup holders, center consoles, seats, whatever we could to find whatever cash we could. I then remembered oh hey there is 2 bucks in my pocket! (I had found it yesterday randomly in my pocket and I still have yet to figure out just how exactly 2 bucks found its way into my pocket!) So we pull up and the guy asked "What are you here for"? When I told him we were here for Thomas he tells us to pull forward and talk to the older lady. So we pull up. Then by far one of the most brilliant pan handling schemes I've ever been witness to played out. The older lady was standing there with a handful of cash. So I'm thinking it's probably going to be like 2 or 3 bucks to park. So I had the cash in my hand with ~DA~ backing me up with loose change. I roll down the window and she says "Good morning, you here for Thomas!" I tell her yes and she says "Great! Well to let you know parking for the Thomas event is free!" at this point I'm thinking WOOHOO!! "However we are accepting donations for the train museum" and at this point I'm thinking lady that was bloody brilliant!! She's looking at my hand which has money it and I reluctantly give her 2 of the 3 bucks we had. I didn't want us to be completely devoid of cash. She thanks me and wishes us a good time! I almost clapped, she played the scene perfectly! We then go to park and there are 3 or 4 people directing cars. Ya know I never understood the need to direct cars to park, esp when the parking lot is HUGE! I'm sure we could handle it just fine, but hey what do I know?!?! So then I drive over to the parking space I'm being waved into and as I'm pulling forward the lady that is directing us in is yelling "SLOW DOWN"!!!! uuuummm that's what I was doing as I was pulling in...but yeah thanks for the directions lady, mucho appreciate-o. We decide to go sans stroller and make our way to the tram. Which I think TJ enjoyed thoroughly!
We get the tickets and get inside. OMG this is about the lamest thing we've seen in awhile. We decided to make the best of it!

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~Random Definitions~

My random definition today comes from the Ole' Beneficient One Himself...

"A good scientist is a person who has a head full of useless crap which some day will come together in a meaningful way,"

 I learn the best stuff from this guy!!

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~Musings of the Beneficent One~

Today during Human Genetics class I realized that the only real reason why I go to this class class is to listen to the random musings that come from the professor. I might have not learned a lot of ground breaking human genetics knowledge from him but I have learned a lot. He's not a details kind of professor. He isn't interested in what tid bits of knowledge you can regurgitate. He is more interested in if you can apply those tid bits and speculate on why something is so. I respect that, though a lot of students do not. However it isn't this challenge to apply my knowledge that motivates me to go to class. It is the random life lessons and crazy musings that he says that motivates me to go to class. I often pass these musings onto ~LK~ and she becomes better for it as well. So I decided that I would pass these life lessons on and create a place for them in the journal. Today's random musing:

"There's a cold going around so I had another glass of bourbon before going to bed last night!"

Moral of the story: Bourbon is a cure all! At least that is what I got from it ;-) gotta love those Irish!

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~Go Team Go~

~LK~ recently has a "pep" talk with her email that I just had to memorialize! She always keeps me entertained. Is it because she enjoys passing simple joys or is it because it is in our contract **shrugs shoulders** WHO CARES!!! It's funny!!!

"Ok email...listen to me..lets have a heart to heart chat work for me...I take your abuse of freezing on me...of turning off...but I am the one who pays the electric bill to keep you lets get something straight..when I say say how fast? it??...ok good chat..Go Team Go!"

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~Kat Logic~

When we travel to Kansas City, we always hit up the amusement park, Worlds of Fun, at least two or three times. Any time we go to Worlds of Fun we walk away with at least 4 or 5 different randomly crazy anecdotes.
and great this one needs to be rewritten because it wasn't saved properly. Well let me just say, the wait will be worth it. Its really funny!!

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~Random Convos: uumm we need a new butt...

Update 07/15/2012
Let's take a little poll, ya know for fun! Raise your hand if you thought this post was about you! Go on, raise your hand...hhhmmmmm if you thought it was, then you seriously have worse problems. Like the fact you haven't come to terms with that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not you...~end of preface

~kat: I deleted her, i'm done and over it. We must find a new butt for our jokes.

~LK~: LoL good! Did you found out the score?

~kat: dawned on me that she honestly truly does not care about anyone but herself and i'm just an annoying fly to her. So all I gotta say is tstsbfl biatches~

~LK~: tried but honestly you can only try so hard and I really believe she thinks you are an idiot. That she's also better than everyone.

~kat: I originally was just going to hide her in my feed but then I was like why do that, just delete the bitch. She's not worth my time.

~LK~: LoL good idea! It's not like her "busy imitating other's" lifestyle allows her time to speak with you. So what did she say?

~kat: She responded to my question with none of her fake enthusiasm and that's when it dawned on me. I didn't even rank her fake enthusiasm?!?! F-you!

~LK~: LMAO!!! so did you respond?

~kat: I was but then I wondered why was I going to waste my eloquent sarcasm on that I deleted her instead.

~LK~: LoL yea don't waste your NRG!

~kat: hehe u said NRG!

~LK~: LoL yea this bitch kinda inspired me to say it like that...**eye roll** Idiot...

~kat: Whatev who is going to be our new butt?

~LK~: Kev?

~kat: Rhymed with whatev...

~LK~: ohhhh good one...

~kat: Yeah your sarcasm just oozed through my phone and onto my hands...thanks ;-)

~LK~: As for our new butt.....Ummmm crap we are running out of people!

~kat: Fo shizz we are...damn does this mean we are turning over a new leaf or sumthin?

~LK~: Lmao...yea...We can turn over a new leaf for a few weeks till we find a new butt...Besides we will forget we turned over a new leaf in a few weeks so we have to find one!!!!

~kat: Funny but seriously true my insightful friend!

Moral of the story... ~kat will only take your crap for so long. Eventually you won't even rank to be the butt of our jokes!~

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Epilogue to Updated 07/15/2012:
So let's get some things straight here, shall we? To all those people who raised their hands because they thought this post was about them, let me assure you that it was not. You heard me, NOT ABOUT YOU! However that little bit in the preface about needing to come to terms that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not you...yeah that's totally about you.
See the difference?!?!? If something is about you, there's not a doubt in anyone's mind that its about you. Satisfied?
and that's all I've got to say about that...

~RANDOM CONVOS: Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!

Good luck keeping up with this one!!!

So ~LK~ and I often find that our taste in television viewing sometimes differs by a WIDE margin. Though we both tend to like documentaries, stupid sitcoms and random reality shows, its the content that we both tend to like is varied. I tend to watch science documentaries, while ~LK~ watches the travel documentaries. She prefers The Gilmore Girls, while I prefer the X-Files. When it comes to reality shows, we do both agree that Project Runway is hands down our favorite. However with the recent conclusion of PR's season I have found myself with a free slot of television viewing that needed to be filled. I started watching this ridiculously insane show called Wipeout. The winter version started a couple of weeks and I find myself not being to pull away from it! I eve have Sal watching it and chuckling. I mean watching the witless be pounded by padded swinging arms and falling into a pool of something that you hope is water, how could this not be entertaining. Last night I converted another wipeout'ee, ~LK~! I noticed her facebook status said "Bored". So informed her that wipeout is on! I was figuring if she watched she would be far from bored and I was right, as the case usually is. When we watch the same shows at the same time, we tend to make comments to each other as if we were sitting next to each other. This tradition stems from a classic tradition that I held with a life long friend that ~LK~ has no choice but adhere to. (contractual agreements are must when we take on a bestest friend!) We usually text but yesterday we decided that facebook was a more fitting platform to our random here it is

~LK~: ...Bored...

Kat: winter wipeout is on!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Lol wipeout is funny

Kat: duh!!!

~LK~: ...i love oatmeal...Lmao!!!

Kat: I eat it every day!!!!


~LK~: And fear that creepy guy! Go rocket scientist!!!

Kat: eat it like its your favorite dessert!!!

~LK~: Are you just a couple johns looking for a good time??

~LK~: I am routing for dangerous dan or rocket scientist


~LK~: Go dan!!

~LK~: Go! Go! Go!

Kat: poor dan...creepy dude played dirty

~LK~: Ahhh dan

Kat: wait til you see how they are catapulted into the wipeout zone! ITS AWESOME!!!

~LK~: I dont think i laughed so hard

Kat: I love this show! Its a good replacement for PR!

~LK~: Oh yea! Rocket boy better win... Both creepy and dancing dude are just... Creepy

Kat: yeah those dudes are definitely cah-reepieeeeeeee

~LK~: Omfg!! I so wanna do this!!!!!!

~LK~: Oh nevermind thought they were going down a slide

Kat: is that rocket catapult thingie the coolest thing ever!!!

Kat: that sinister snowflake thingie makes me giggle...

~LK~: ‎10mins.. Thats good

~LK~: Go rocket boy!!!

~LK~: Go! Go! Go!

~LK~: Nooooooo

Kat: come on ROCKET MAN!!!!!


~LK~: Yes!!

~LK~: Man that was close!!!

Kat: creepy dude is GOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!! heh heh heh come on rocket dude you're representing all that's cool in science! Don't screw it up!!!

~LK~: Haha i point and laugh at creepy dude

Kat: i just had a thought...we gotta get dustin watching this show with us!

~LK~: Im shocked he doesnt watch this!

~LK~: Noooo no great distance

~LK~: Fall fall fall!!

Kat: uh oh....

~LK~: Omg... Nooo

~LK~: Holy crap

Kat: DAMMIT!!!!!!

~LK~: Mannnnnnnn

Kat: LAME LAME TOTALLY LAME!! that creeper dancing guy won!

~LK~: Insert dissppointed face here

Kat: **eye roll** i'm going to bed...

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