Sunday, July 15, 2012

at a kind of crossroads...



that pretty much sums it up right now....fuck a duck man

Originally Posted May 2011 by ~kat

This post was in response to some cah-razeh drama that was going on in my life. In which my response was to shut this blog down. I had had enough so I decided that I would unplug from the internet for awhile and take a break. Maybe even re-evaluate things. That perhaps one of the people responsible for this drama had a point. So I unplugged. For one month I had no twitter, no facebook, no blog, no msn, no nothing. Just logged on to check my email for updates from my profs and my online classes. At first I had felt sort of relieved. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After a couple of weeks, I felt as if I were in a prison. I became seriously anti-social and withdrawn. I couldn't interact with my family. We used Facebook to stay in touch since we live so far away from each other. I couldn't interact with my faceless friends on twitter because well I had deactivated that. I couldn't even blog, because well I had taken that down too. All the while my hubs kept telling me that he didn't understand why I felt the need to close up shop. That I was being ridiculous. Then I realized by the end of the month, he was right I was being ridiculous. Regardless of how some decides to perceive what I write or what I say or what I create...its mine and not theirs. As long as I'm truthful in what I say, then what was I worried about? It is not my fault someone decided to take what I said and apply to their situation. My first post was about exactly that! It holds just as true today as it did when I originally wrote it in 2008:
The one resonating quality that strings all my thoughts together like lights on a Christmas tree is that they are my own. I will always say what I feel is the truth and I will be the first to admit when I was wrong. I will not however take responsibility for your reaction. I don't force you to react one way or another. Your reactions are your own and therefore are YOUR RESPONSIBLITY! So don't tell someone, well this blogger named kat, yeah she said **insert random thought here** so I decided to **insert some random reaction there**...I might inspire but I don't forciably (hell is that even a word WTF?) make you react and do things. So please don't point your grubby manicured fingers at me, didn't your momma teach that pointing is rude?
Okay one more thing...I can't stop you from having your own opinions regardless of how stupid they may be. Please be aware that you can not stop me from having my own opinions regardless of how honest they are. If you don't like soup I'm serving, then biatch please, go find another kitchen!

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