Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Berries and a New Love of the Mulberry

Blackberries should be nicknamed the fun berry. As Kat puts it, every little dot on the blackberry is a tiny explosion of flavor and fruitiness that only the blackberry gives. And she is right. Although Raspberries are similar..they don't have that extra pump of Yumminess explosion power as the blackberry. Besides both the Raspberry and Blackberry also are a way of re-assuring that Kat and I were always meant to be bestest friends. Blackberries are grown on her grandma's farm lining the gates in Missouri and Raspberries line my Grandma's gate in Connecticut. See it was meant to be!

So on to the Mulberry. There is a tree in my front yard that only blooms for a few weeks out of the year. At first we had no idea what it was or what the fruit was on it. But my hubby is an adventure seeker so he just ate one...turns out they were yummy! Shortly after describing this little berry to a neighbor we found out they are Mulberries! So yesterday I took the kiddies out side and we picked and picked and picked until we saw these giant Dinosaur looking Beatles came out then we returned inside the house. I made a homemade crust and maybe us a Mulberry pie. Hours later...with now purple stained hands, cabinets, counters and a few Tupperware containers..the pie is done! And it might even exceed the awesome-ness of the blackberry! It was that good!

In conclusion...we bow our heads to the Blackberry and Mulberry. You don't quite rank up there with the invisible space pickle but your pretty damn close.

Originally Posted March 2011 by ~LK~

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