Sunday, July 15, 2012

Potato Chips

So I was eating lunch today and I had a small epiphany...

Ok so while I was eating my potato chips I looked inside the bag because it was starting to get empty. So you really have to reach down into the bag. Well I have this nervous habit of looking down into the bag, rather than just blindly reaching for a chip. What I saw rather amused me...My & ~L~K~'s fave snack is the potato chip. Love us some cheddar sour cream chips! We like pretty all the same kinds. However when it comes to shape of our chips, this is where we differ. I like the round flat chips. They can be popped neatly in your mouth! ~L~K~ loves the curled up ones. The more they resembled a rolled up carpet, the better! Whenever we share a bag of potato chips, we always make sure the other gets their fave shape. Anyways while eating lunch today, I looked down into my bag and all the chips that are left are the curled up ones...

Damn I'm 2 for 2 today!!

Originally Posted: October 2008 by ~kat

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