Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*Rental Car Rule #1*~

 When Renting a car...there is one golden rule you should follow...learn how and what all the buttons are for in the car before leaving the facility. 

 While in Missouri, Kat rented a mini van. I know what your thinking..to young chicks on vacay and you get a mini van?? The answer is yes, when you have as many family members as Kat Does. Anyway...it was days after we have been sitting in the van when we finally notice that this van has a sunroof! Who knew mini vans actually had sunroofs! (This was about 6 years ago before mini vans were cool). 

It was the day before we had to leave to go back home, and it has been sunny and clear skies all week. So to celebrate our awesome vacay we did one last Taco Bell  late night run. Back at our hotel, we tried to close to the sun roof but couldn't. Both hungry and tired, we went inside the hotel and by the time we stepped outside the van, we both had completely forgotten about the sunroof. 

Next morning we got up, packed and so nicely left the hotel a bunch of inflatable cheap pool toys all over the room and headed to the van. If I remember correctly, we both did the same "Oh Snap" look when we noticed it had just rained and we both had forgotten about the sunroof. Too late to do anything about it...we get in the car. Luckly for Kat, My favorite jacket was left in the van and soaked up most of the rain water for her side...I however wasn't as lucky and got to ride the whole ride to the car rental place with a wet pants. 

That goodness, my pants dried before boarding the plane....so again...ALWAYS learn what buttons do what, or bring an extra pair of pants with you at all times. 

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