Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everything you had was GggoOOOOOOOOONNNEE!!

Yup, it happened! The unthinkable! Some random event came in & wiped me clean! All I have left is an empty shell...I seriously just don't think I can go on!! I feel violated! I feel dirty! I feel....gyped!!! like when perkin's didn't give ~L~K~ her pie!!! WTF, man!! Its unjust! Who do you think you are to create such havoc? I mean, do you think its fun? Do you get off on it? I mean seriously, don't you think you could a more productive member of the human race if you would use your talents for the benefit of mankind...rather than this idiotic, childish ridiculousness! ***looks back over her post*** Look at all those exclamation points! whoa another one...KAT IS PEEVED!!!! So I guess you all are wondering what the hell happened? Well, its quite simple. Some idiotic techno geek that can't get laid, decided to sneeze on cyberspace and my computer caught his damn virus! The thing wiped my computer clean. All my music, pictures, videos, writings, homework, programs, favorites....even my grocery list!!! How do I know what to buy at Sam's Club now if I don't have my list? I hate writing lists. So you know that whatever I needed must have been important. At first we thought my hard drive had failed. It hadn't. I was lucky, just 3 years of my life taken away! Wow can we say deja vu?
Okay so my hard drive was wiped out and I lost some stuff. I've lost all my worldly possessions 3 times in my life. All three times I've felt like something deep in me was taken away. Then I quickly get over it, cause I then remember that its all tangible. Tangible can be replaced. However, do you replace those? And why all the sudden are pixels as important as say your high school diploma? Or the bouquet from your wedding day? Or other priceless tangible keepsake that has importance? Pixels have become the new treasured keepsake of our generation. Your photos are digital, your videos are digital, your letters to home are now electronic. Its all pixels. Its all easily wiped out by some stoopid hacker that has a chip on his shoulder cause he was push in the girls bathroom too many times in high school. What the hell is wrong with you people? Use that obvious talent you have for coding and put it to beneficial use!! No one cares where you can hack into and no one cares if you can wipe out my computer. Girls or guys are not interested that you caused that massive traffic jam in downtown L.A. cause you gave thier traffic signal program a cold. They were probably in that traffic and now you have NO SHOT with them at all! Grow the hell up, get off your damn computer and get a TAN!
What have I learned from all of this? Back up, archive, print, REPEAT! Because there is always going to be someone with a chip on their shoulder that will eat all my precious irreplaceable pixels!

Originally Posted: October 2008 by ~kat

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