Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Convos "Evil Bunnies & Missles"

LK: please tell me you didn't keep that bunny
Kat: is it an evil bunny
LK: don't think so...its more like the diet coke of evil
Kat: maybe more like the mineral water of evil...
LK: with no ice cubes
Kat: aahhh european style...that explains alot!!!
LK: Lmao....too bad they didnt clean the glass before they filled it too
Kat: damn pessimist and their half empty glass....wash your glass you cry babies!!!!
LK: we should whack them when their own french bread for that
L: with not when
LK: *insert evil smirk and laugh here*

Originally Posted May 2009 by ~kat

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