Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*~Birthday Gifts~*~

A long time ago, we were friends with a girl who, at the time, we thought was a friend but later learned otherwise...but that is not a fun story. The story I'm telling is about a birthday gift we had made for her.

 This girl loved to shop and honestly...we had no idea what to do for her because her taste was a little expensive. So being the creative genesis' we are...we went around the plaza we worked in..and got a $5 gift card from random places.... Claire's...the movie theater...I even think Bath and Body Works. There was a few more in there that I just can't remember. We made a cute little basket and bada bing..a basket full of tiny filled gift cards to spend on her break from work. 

Oh yes, this was a great idea at the time...but thinking back now...I wonder how much of a hassle it was to remember you had all those gift cards...and how much it was a hassle to bring them shopping with you. She wasn't the most organized girl out there so I betting it was difficult. So now..after realizing this..I have decided that was the best possible gift to give an ex friend. Karma baby! 

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