Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*~ One of My Finer TP'ing moments~*~

Working in a restaurant filled with kids who are young and dumb...you learn quickly how to occupy your time during the slow hours of work and on your break. You play pranks. Everyone has had their car Toilet Papered...or Blue Cheese stuck in their purse at least one time during their stay at work. I myself have been a mastered T.P'er from the get go. I have toilet papers cars around shopping baskets...and then around trees....and even TP'ed motorcycles. 

 One of my best pranks involved a manger who I knew was transferring to a different store. So on my lunch break along with a fellow employee...I walked over to him to chat..and swiftly stole his keys from him. We jumped into his SUV and the proceeded to blow up over 100 or so Balloons and put them in the trunk. So he wouldn't see them until he popped open the hatch and all the balloons would pour out. We had brought from the Dollar Store Dr. Seuss window clings and placed them throughout the windows. We then Tp'ed the seats and the steering wheel. Mean while every time we saw an employee walk to their car...or the manager walk by the window in the restaurant..we would dunk onto the floor. After making his SUV look like a birthday party hangover gone wrong...we quickly made our way back into the restaurant and placed his keys back in the same spot we got them. 

Our shifts ended soon after and we were heading to our cars...Just as we were about to leave...we saw him walk to his SUV and open up the door...it was late so he didn't notice Dr Seuss staring at him through the window. After opening door, the look we got was priceless...it said "Hide under your bed with a flashlight cause I'm gonna get you back" look. He shook his head and headed to the trunk to place his bag back there...oh yea...don't think we ever ran that fast to our cars. Oh the Tp Memories I have...good times.

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