Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Say wha?? Part DOS~

So after all that twitterness funtastic awesomeness, I thought I would put in ~LK~'s twitter name and find out what her next tweet would be...

1) On a tissue! Keep those suckers for my bestest friend...Dumbass we are going!
2) Watching so complete me =o kkkaaaattttt did u mess with us..we don't get even in a tissue!
3) Entertained yet? On a cute couple!! Finished the dog book- now its on a tissue what I shall scrap crap!
4) If people have no idea what I ain't complaining though! Dreamed i did!
5) Hard to believe Lady Gaga is on a tissue what you can keep them! =o Jamming to xmas!!
6)Oh Mr. Large Fountain I have no clue on what you do..u rock!
7) get any further with Scrap-Crap-listic happiness!
8) If people have the land as Mr Choo..will it make a Dog scrapbook!?
9) I'm officially a rollercoaster of kids for $20!! They are napping so heres my dad on a tissue!
10) Cant go online! At a tissue!

So what have we learned about ~LK~ through these "That can be my next tweet" experience? She has an obsession with scrapping and tissues! It also looks as if ~LK~ is also having an affair with exclamation points as well...that bitch! And the dog scrapbook, just how much did you freakin tweet about that, ~LK~?

one more for the road? Sure why not?!?!?!
On a tissue! Keep doing what? I'm not surprised by this feeling! If you hate me, you can keep them!

lmao why am I not surprised its about a damn tissue?

Originally Posted April 2011 by ~kat

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