Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*Norm in a Can*~

Norm in  a Can started out as a dream, Its a long story and Kat tells it the best...but I will let her tell that story. For my post all you need to know is for her Husband's Christmas gift I decided to make a story book based on her dream of Norm in a Can. (Norm is almost like Bob Villa but better) 

 So first I wanted to make this story book almost like a scrapbook. I created a mini Norm out of clay, and I made him a can and decorated it. Norm even had a mini clay hammer. After making Norm, I needed an adventure for him to go on....so I thought..how about the story of how Norm can to be a Home Improvement dude!? So  "The Adventures of Norm in a Can..Norm goes to College!" was born.

Kat was more then happy to help me in the quest to get pictures of my Clay Norm out and about in a college setting...so we went to her College and gave Norm the grand tour. We got pictures of him in parking spaces...in front of the law buildings...in a class room...and even him stuck in a UPS mail slot. We did however get many odd looks when we decided Norm needed to study in the library and photo copy his butt on the copier machine. Its college..I'm sure the kids have seen many odd ball items during their time but they were giving 2 grown woman odd looks about photo copying a clay figure's butt?? Wtf Mate!

 I think to date..it was one of my most awesomeness scrapbooks I have made.  The photos really told a story, and it brought a funny bit Kat and Her man had to life. 

FYI "The Adventures of Norm in A Can...Norm goes to Spain" will hopefully be completed for this Christmas. 

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