Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meaningless Happiness

Now this might sound a little...well...weird...but I miss Meaningless happiness. You may ask yourself how does one achieve meaningless happiness?? Well I will tell you. Back in the day when Kat and I would work our butts off during the Friday Morning rush at Chilis, we would spend our hard earned pennies of tips on a cheap lunch at the local pizzaria and then head off to Claires and sit there for what seemed like hours on end on the floor looking at the most cheesiest, fake jewelry. We would try on necklaces and check out the handbags and but a whole bunch of stuff for around 5 bucks. And if you ever been to claires...5 bucks will buy you a lot. We would come up with a theme for the glowing pen night...or bling bling night...whatever we could afford would be our theme. So after a few hours we would drag our feet back to work and wearing our colorful jewelry and having the guests sign their bills with our glow pens, and let me just say, our regular customers actually looked forward to seeing what theme night it was. And seeing us dressed like goof balls always mad us laugh along with our customers. So buying this cheap meaningless jewelry not only made us happy but it made the people around us happy...thus...meaningless figure... Originally Posted February 2009 by ~LK~

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