Sunday, July 15, 2012


**Random Thought** I'm in the process of cleaning out my guest bedroom, and going through everything that I have collected over the past 24 years. And I wonder...why in the world do I save all this crap I call treasures??? Why do I have so many collections of trinkets, seriously do I need 50 different types of Antique books?? So my question is, why does one keep such an assortment of knick-knacks? I tell my self over and over again that I keep all my stuff because it makes me smile, and brings back memories. If thats the case, why do I keep everything in storage crates and not display them. The only time I smile at my stuff is when I get in a mood to clean my crap out. Then with the memories, do I really need a material procession to kick in that memory?? If you need something to kick start that moment in time, then it must not have been that great to began I right? Some people have this bug in them, normally its the little voice in their head, that says "don't get rid of it, you'll miss it...oh wait you will regret getting rid of that". I hate that voice. I have that bug and its a pushy one at that. I hold onto clothes that I know I wont fit into anymore just because they are super cute. So with all that said, I think today will be the day I kick that little voice to the curb. Well maybe I will just send the little voice on vacation for a bit. I want a fresh start and although Im not getting rid of everything I own, I will cut each room down by 50%. So every shirt I keep, I get rid of one. Every book I keep, one goes. So now that I have that cleared up, I'm going back to cleaning..wish me luck **end of Random Thought**

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