Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Convos "The Rules of Xmas Gift Opening"

The Rules of Xmas Gift Opening ~featuring ~LK~'s mom!!!!
Kat: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pajama pants you got me for christmas! They are perfecto!

~LK~'s Mom: Your not suppose to open Christmas gifts yet!!!!

Kat: oh well obviously you haven't heard the rules! If its 3am and you've been awake since 6am the previous day then all rules for christmas gifts are null and void!! Therefore allowing me to open christmas gifts before the actual date of christmas :)

~LK~'s Mom: OHHHH !!! I didn't know that LOL

oh yeah even more incentive to go black friday shopping :-)

Lmao.. U 2 r funny, well I lovvvvveeeee the shirt u got me! Fits PERFECTLY and looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

~LK~'s Mom:
You opened yours to????

please refer to above referenced "rules of christmas gifts" for clarification... :-P

LoL Besides the plastic bag look would have totally clashed with the other wrapping paper under the tree... I had to open it!

actually you had to open it because you had to see if it fit! if it didn't you would need to take it back before christmas!

Shhhhhh she doesnt know that... LoL

~LK~'s Mom:
You t 2 are to much!!!! :) That's why you get along so good you think alike!!!

is it that we think alike or is it that our journeys in thinking have us arrive at the same place......yeah its a thinker!

~LK~: ‎"GLITTER!" oh crap sorry... Got distracted.... What were we talking about again??

we were talking about how existential you are...


So the rule is: "If you go black friday shopping with your bestest friend and the following conditions are met: #1) You woke up uber early Thanksgiving Day Morning[early being defined as anytime before 8am!]; #2) You did not take a nap Thanksgiving Day; #3) You leave at the house at 8pm Thanksgiving Day Night to get to Toys r Us before 10pm; #4) You spend a total of 5 hours at said toy store where 90% of the time was spent standing in line; #5) It is 7:30am on Black Friday & you stop at Walgreens for milk & walk out with more gifts because of the remarkable lack of taking down signs: If all these conditions are met, it is not necessary to wait for Christmas to open gifts from each other! You may exchange them after 8am and open them immediately. However if one or more of these conditions are not met, then the gifts may not be opened until Christmas where Kat will mercilessly tease ~LK~ with several rounds of "Guess what I got you nanadabooboo" until ~LK~ gets frustrated & hangs up on her. Which shortly after hanging up ~LK~ will text asking for more hints!

Originally Posted November 2010 by ~kat

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