Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Musings of the Beneficent One~

Today during Human Genetics class I realized that the only real reason why I go to this class class is to listen to the random musings that come from the professor. I might have not learned a lot of ground breaking human genetics knowledge from him but I have learned a lot. He's not a details kind of professor. He isn't interested in what tid bits of knowledge you can regurgitate. He is more interested in if you can apply those tid bits and speculate on why something is so. I respect that, though a lot of students do not. However it isn't this challenge to apply my knowledge that motivates me to go to class. It is the random life lessons and crazy musings that he says that motivates me to go to class. I often pass these musings onto ~LK~ and she becomes better for it as well. So I decided that I would pass these life lessons on and create a place for them in the journal. Today's random musing:

"There's a cold going around so I had another glass of bourbon before going to bed last night!"

Moral of the story: Bourbon is a cure all! At least that is what I got from it ;-) gotta love those Irish!

Originally Posted March 2011 by ~kat

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