Sunday, July 15, 2012

~*~ The Kiddie Log Ride ~*~

While visiting Kats family in Missouri, Kat decided to take me to Worlds of Fun amusement park. I was all for riding all the rides except this big roller coaster but any who...when you enter the park there are different themes and one of the first parts you see is kiddies rides. One included a Log water ride where you sit in a log and ride along the river. No big deal.
So Kat and I took our seats on the log and along we went. It was a slow ride, a few turns...a few little dips..nothing scary. So after a few minutes we turned this curved and the log went straight for a bit. Then we saw the platform to get off the ride up ahead so we assumed the ride was coming to an end. Kat said "I remembered this ride being more fun...oh well". So we made sure our stuff was in our hands and we were starting to prop ourselves to stand up. Just as we did this, we plunged in a 40 foot drop, talk about being scared! We screamed like little babies, it was so funny. Kat totally forgot about the drop, and I had no idea, and with the way the ride is, the river looks like its a straight path to the platform no drops. So has we floated to the platform we were greeted by a bunch of kiddies waiting in line laughing.
Yea, so this was not one of our shining moments, but it gave us a great photo of us on the drop looking petrified, and a lot of laughs for the whole day.

Yup we're dumbasses...never said we weren't!!!

Originally Posted November 2008 by ~LK~

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