Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~*The Salsa/ Buffalo Sauce Mistake*~

 So while working in a fast paced restaurant environment, you  have a millions of things on your mind. Many tasks are thrown your way and you just learn to roll with the punches when things go south...or in my case..work with your bestest friend so she can help cover up your mistakes. 

 It was an early morning shift and the Chips and Salsa were selling like hotcakes...I mean seriously...who doesn't lovvveee Salsa????? Anyway...it was my task to refill the salsa ..so as a trooper, I headed to the fridge to get the salsa!  ...If you ever been in a restaurant fridge..it is dark and...well...cold...so you try to make it quick when retrieving items.The Salsa was handmade in these silver containers...however...everything else in the world was also made in these same exact containers as well. I quickly grabbed the container that was filled with red stuff that looked correct. I ran up to the front and poured it into the container into what was half way filled with salsa. 

Immediately I notice the color difference and the HUGE fact that there were no spices..or chunks in the liquid I just poured into the salsa container.  Did I really just pour a whole container or hot sauce in the salsa??? Not knowing how to fix my mistake I just stood there with my mouth wide opened...wondering if I should try my best to scoop it out..or should I think of someone to blame...Kat was near me and saw my look and yelled "Stir it!"...so I did...and at that moment, servers were heading my way so I disposed of that buffalo sauce container in the dishwasher pile.

At this point I'm a little freaked because most of our customers that went to our restaurant during the day were older..and preferred none spicy items.Surprisingly we had so many comments that afternoon about how good the salsa was! It actually had a kick and compliments were given to the servers about it. That changed quickly when the salsa had to be refilled and it did not have the same punch like before...I didn't say anything and just let the fact that for one afternoon, I gave our customers the best Salsa ever and let it rest like that. 

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