Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Convos "Pink Domo"

Kat: LAURA!!?!?!?! What the hell did you do to my domo, you pink fiend!?
poor poor domo...his domo card has totally been taken away!
He's Pink!?!?!?! TSC!!!
Kat: you seemed surprised...don't think I'm fallin for it!! I know you did this!!!! the only thing missing is glitter...
LK: me....ur thinking I made him pink?...i would never....heh heh heh
Kat:**skeptical look** you're not fooling anyone DA!!!!
LK: soon I will take over the world with pink Domo's! HEH HEH HEH...crappppppp.....did I just say that out loud?
Kat: better leave the world domination to me and just ride the coat tails, my pink friend...i'll make sure you have an army of domo's to do all your diet coke of evil bidding...muahahahahahaaaa
LK: do I gotta be on the diet coke side?...couldnt I be more on the Cherry Coke side instead? Diet Coke is nasty
Kat: what about the propel water of evil?
Kat: or maybe the cherry slushie of evil?
LK: oh yea!!! Now thats what Im talking about! With a side of Chapstick and a Cosmo Magazine!

Originally Posted May 2009 by ~kat

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