Sunday, July 15, 2012

just one more to add to the growing list...

Okay so here it is. Just one more to add to the growing list of people that display their thought, opinions, philosophies, stupidity or what have you. Yes, kat has decided to blog for some strange and unknown reason. Maybe its because I'm in what i like to call "limbo". Or maybe it's because someone said "kat you should so write a blog". Or maybe I'm just tired of the verbal diarrhea that I see spewed everywhere and decided since my shit don't stink, that I should be spewing too! The why isn't really important. What is important is that I'm here now ready to share with world all these completely crazy and sometimes rational random thoughts that are wondering inside my brain at all times of the day & night. So what are these thoughts...hhhmmm well to be perfectly honest I'm just completely random. So what I say now, may be 10,000 light years from what I say at 7am tomorrow morning. The one resonating quality that strings all my thoughts together like lights on a Christmas tree is that they are my own. I will always say what I feel is the truth and I will be the first to admit when I was wrong. I will not however take responsibility for your reaction. I don't force you to react one way or another. Your reactions are your own and therefore are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! So don't tell someone, well this blogger named kat, yeah she said **insert random thought here** so I decided to **insert some random reaction there**...I might inspire but I don't forciably (hell is that even a word WTF?) make you react and do things. So please don't point your grubby manicured fingers at me, didn't your momma teach that pointing is rude?
Okay one more thing...I can't stop you from having your own opinions regardless of how stupid they may be. Please be aware that you can not stop me from having my own opinions regardless of how honest they are. If you don't like soup I'm serving, then biatch please, go find another kitchen!

Originally Posted: October 2008 by ~kat

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