Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ok so last night while I was trying to sleep (yes I was excited about this blog for some reason) I came upon a revelation. Some of my best thoughts, answers, rhetoric, etc...expels itself when my bestest friend asks me questions, says a thought or is just being her totally random self. So I've decided to add her as an author of my blog to help my creative stream flow. As soon as she figures out how to log on, she'll post something. In fact she's already posted a comment on my first entry! What can I say about ~LK~ that you need to know? Oh god am I going to be sappy? WTF!?!??!?!! All that needs to be said is that if you need a smile, she's got it. If you need some glitter, she's got it! And if you need pink glitter, you're on YOUR OWN!!!

Originally Posted: October 2008 by ~kat

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