Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Say wha??~

So for the last I dunno like 30 minutes I've been playing around this website called "That can be my next tweet". When I thought I could not get anymore random this site has pushed the envelope and I have now become even more random. Don't tell me its not possible because it just happened! So here's a list of 10 tweets that could be my next tweet...

1) Last presentation about fah-reakie!!!
2)Omg what I will be selectively deprotonated w/ the sky girl!!!
3)Booyah slipped in one more people are telling me giggle. guess i roll biatches!
4)Raspberry ice tea time!! That Cobra needs a positron collider...
5) HOLY CRAPTASTIC BATMAN!!!! My mother in Anatomy: The best place where you are dumbasses!
6) Ok so I ♥ it!! The Legend of being my brain, diff story just leaves me gigglin'.
7) No NRG...juss chillin maybe that'll be so fun but the gas pumps applauded...
8) Wow I ♥ it!! Conclusion: the conclusion that I ♥ with a friend Kat I ♥ with my Vitamin D synthesis!
9) HOLY CRAPTASTIC SUCKTACULAR SPIFFNESS!!! Need coffee before 6pm!!! that I don't speak orgo chem...
10) Made from trees & Kat... Well I was GREAT!!!!!

In everything I do I try to learn something from the experience. So what have I learned for this?
I seem to have a love affair with exclamation points. However I'm creepin' on the side with the ♥ symbol. I hope they don't find out about each other LoL... I tweet ALOT about school and sciency things...wasupwithdat? and it seems that my new vocab word that I need to add to the kat-tionary is CRAPTASTIC!
anyways, one more for the road!!!!!
Need vid making/editing software, maybe even animation...this damn movie maker thing is a closet perv...

hehehehee I ♥ this thing!!!

Originally Posted April 2011 by ~kat

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