Thursday, July 26, 2012

Letters to Santa aka WTF Santa you freakin blocked me!!?!?!

~*~Written on Twitter, cause that's where everyone is these days! Even Santa!
Kat: Why can I not concentrate on this damn paper?!?! Dear Santa, Please bring me some Ritalin PDQ! My paper is due in 2 days!
Kat: Like tonight. You'd be like my favorite person in the world! Sincerely, ME oh PS I ate all the cookies but I do have some pasta...
Kat: its left over from dinner. Mami says its good but not sure if she's the best judge. Ya know her cooking...
Kat: Wait Santa I got Jello!! oh and those awesome frozen burritos! and Gummy Bears!
Kat: wait sorry not sharing those Gummy Bears big guy. But I do have some peanuts...
Kat: they may or may not be maybe you should just opt for the jello cup? **uncertain look**
~LK~: dude he's Santa! Atleast leave him a soda!
~LK~: maybe I should make a list!
~LK~: Dear Santa, Ive been a good girl...well ok I did have my moments but seriously who hasnt!? Anyway Enclosed is my list-.....
Kat: Dear Santa please disregard ~LK~ about soda. We have none but I do have cranberry-apple juice which is good for your GI system!
~LK~: #1 on my list is Wrestlemania tickets- this is more of a need then a want,U never know when U will need to know how to bodyslam someone!
Kat: There is also some weird looking liquid with bubbles in a random jar in the fridge...May or may not be cuban soda.
Kat: Oh wait hold up there Santa, Mami just walked by with said jar...offer for cran-apple juice is still on the table! ALL 72oz baybay!
~LK~: #2, how bout the ability to make my body flexable enough to become a human pretzel!
~LK~: #3...ribbon..lots and lots of ribbon
Kat: Well maybe not all 72oz, my ulcers have been acting up lately...hence the need for that RITALIN!!! Yo hook a girl up Big Guy!
~LK~: #4, i would ask for wings to fly, but im scared of bout gills?, wait cant swim nevermind..ummm oh pink highlights!
Kat: Freakin A Santa you are in luck man!!! I found 3 bottles of champagne...lets party!
~LK~: #5 nacho cheese =o)
~LK~: #6.. A job application to be an elf... I have references!!!!!
~LK~: #7 $63 in pennies
Kat: We don't even have to use those lame ass champagne glasses. We can drink straight from the bottle. B/C we're all about the class here!
Kat: Anyways Santa come on over! We'll watch The Santa Clause, get trashed and just maybe I'll share those gummy bears. Kat: Just remember to bring that Ritalin!! Love, hugs and lollipops, Kat

Kat: Um Santa, I think ~LK~ has been distracted by something shiny...hopefully not someone's hiny...anyways let me finish for her..
Kat: Bring her anything 1) glittery, 2) pink, 3) shiny...and you are golden! Trust me on this one!
Kat: Oh and she also wants world peace, end world hunger and to teach blind kids to read...what a humanitarian!
Kat: crap a duck man, sorry Santa that is her pageant speech. Just keep with the glitter, pink and shiny thing.
Kat: Thank you Santa, We ♥ You! Sincerely, Kat & ~LK~

Kat: PPS we'll try harder next promises though!

Originally Posted: December 21, 2011

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