Tuesday, July 31, 2012


While at Worlds of Fun in Missouri. Kat and I decided to tackle all rides there. One was a giant kids spinning ride that was an octopus. While waiting on line to ride on one of the Octopus tentacles that will spin us around until we throw up..I noticed a forest next to the ride. Being a tree lover that I am...or course I noticed it. I asked Kat if it was filled with wildlife or was it just a bunch of trees the park put up for shade. She said it was filled with animals.

 Finally our turn comes up and we take our seat. On the same Tentacle as us was a heavy older gentleman who was sitting by himself and the third seat was 2 young kids. The ride takes off and while the tentacles spin..it also dips at an angle...great ride in theory however..when its time to get off the ride, you have to sit in the air while the employee takes the people off the ride one seat at a time..so you spend about 90% of the time just sitting. 

 While sitting there, A deer came out of the woods! A deer!! Thinking quickly, I told Kat we needed to name him and the first thing that came to mind was Bologna! Who doesn't think of Bologna while riding a Tentacle of a Octopus? So as quickly as I asked, I yelled at the top of my lungs "BBBBOOOLLLOOGGGNNNAAA". Not only did we get the oddest look for the dude sitting near us, the Bologna actually turned to us! As if he knew his name already and was waiting for us to say roll over or something! 

Just then the kids sitting all around us heard us call our new friend and started yelling "Deer! Deer!" and poor Bologna felt angry that the rest did not know his name and he took off. =o(

For the rest of our Worlds of Fun experience we did not see Bologna however I will always remember him visiting us while we were stuck on that Octopus. It also makes a great story to tell because seriously, how many times do you get to say Bologna, Octopus, and deer in one story telling? 

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