Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Random Convos: uumm we need a new butt...

Update 07/15/2012
Let's take a little poll, ya know for fun! Raise your hand if you thought this post was about you! Go on, raise your hand...hhhmmmmm if you thought it was, then you seriously have worse problems. Like the fact you haven't come to terms with that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not you...~end of preface

~kat: I deleted her, i'm done and over it. We must find a new butt for our jokes.

~LK~: LoL good! Did you found out the score?

~kat: dawned on me that she honestly truly does not care about anyone but herself and i'm just an annoying fly to her. So all I gotta say is tstsbfl biatches~

~LK~: tried but honestly you can only try so hard and I really believe she thinks you are an idiot. That she's also better than everyone.

~kat: I originally was just going to hide her in my feed but then I was like why do that, just delete the bitch. She's not worth my time.

~LK~: LoL good idea! It's not like her "busy imitating other's" lifestyle allows her time to speak with you. So what did she say?

~kat: She responded to my question with none of her fake enthusiasm and that's when it dawned on me. I didn't even rank her fake enthusiasm?!?! F-you!

~LK~: LMAO!!! so did you respond?

~kat: I was but then I wondered why was I going to waste my eloquent sarcasm on that I deleted her instead.

~LK~: LoL yea don't waste your NRG!

~kat: hehe u said NRG!

~LK~: LoL yea this bitch kinda inspired me to say it like that...**eye roll** Idiot...

~kat: Whatev who is going to be our new butt?

~LK~: Kev?

~kat: Rhymed with whatev...

~LK~: ohhhh good one...

~kat: Yeah your sarcasm just oozed through my phone and onto my hands...thanks ;-)

~LK~: As for our new butt.....Ummmm crap we are running out of people!

~kat: Fo shizz we are...damn does this mean we are turning over a new leaf or sumthin?

~LK~: Lmao...yea...We can turn over a new leaf for a few weeks till we find a new butt...Besides we will forget we turned over a new leaf in a few weeks so we have to find one!!!!

~kat: Funny but seriously true my insightful friend!

Moral of the story... ~kat will only take your crap for so long. Eventually you won't even rank to be the butt of our jokes!~

Originally Posted April 2011 by ~kat

Epilogue to Updated 07/15/2012:
So let's get some things straight here, shall we? To all those people who raised their hands because they thought this post was about them, let me assure you that it was not. You heard me, NOT ABOUT YOU! However that little bit in the preface about needing to come to terms that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not you...yeah that's totally about you.
See the difference?!?!? If something is about you, there's not a doubt in anyone's mind that its about you. Satisfied?
and that's all I've got to say about that...

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