Sunday, July 15, 2012

~RANDOM CONVOS: Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!

Good luck keeping up with this one!!!

So ~LK~ and I often find that our taste in television viewing sometimes differs by a WIDE margin. Though we both tend to like documentaries, stupid sitcoms and random reality shows, its the content that we both tend to like is varied. I tend to watch science documentaries, while ~LK~ watches the travel documentaries. She prefers The Gilmore Girls, while I prefer the X-Files. When it comes to reality shows, we do both agree that Project Runway is hands down our favorite. However with the recent conclusion of PR's season I have found myself with a free slot of television viewing that needed to be filled. I started watching this ridiculously insane show called Wipeout. The winter version started a couple of weeks and I find myself not being to pull away from it! I eve have Sal watching it and chuckling. I mean watching the witless be pounded by padded swinging arms and falling into a pool of something that you hope is water, how could this not be entertaining. Last night I converted another wipeout'ee, ~LK~! I noticed her facebook status said "Bored". So informed her that wipeout is on! I was figuring if she watched she would be far from bored and I was right, as the case usually is. When we watch the same shows at the same time, we tend to make comments to each other as if we were sitting next to each other. This tradition stems from a classic tradition that I held with a life long friend that ~LK~ has no choice but adhere to. (contractual agreements are must when we take on a bestest friend!) We usually text but yesterday we decided that facebook was a more fitting platform to our random here it is

~LK~: ...Bored...

Kat: winter wipeout is on!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

Lol wipeout is funny

Kat: duh!!!

~LK~: ...i love oatmeal...Lmao!!!

Kat: I eat it every day!!!!


~LK~: And fear that creepy guy! Go rocket scientist!!!

Kat: eat it like its your favorite dessert!!!

~LK~: Are you just a couple johns looking for a good time??

~LK~: I am routing for dangerous dan or rocket scientist


~LK~: Go dan!!

~LK~: Go! Go! Go!

Kat: poor dan...creepy dude played dirty

~LK~: Ahhh dan

Kat: wait til you see how they are catapulted into the wipeout zone! ITS AWESOME!!!

~LK~: I dont think i laughed so hard

Kat: I love this show! Its a good replacement for PR!

~LK~: Oh yea! Rocket boy better win... Both creepy and dancing dude are just... Creepy

Kat: yeah those dudes are definitely cah-reepieeeeeeee

~LK~: Omfg!! I so wanna do this!!!!!!

~LK~: Oh nevermind thought they were going down a slide

Kat: is that rocket catapult thingie the coolest thing ever!!!

Kat: that sinister snowflake thingie makes me giggle...

~LK~: ‎10mins.. Thats good

~LK~: Go rocket boy!!!

~LK~: Go! Go! Go!

~LK~: Nooooooo

Kat: come on ROCKET MAN!!!!!


~LK~: Yes!!

~LK~: Man that was close!!!

Kat: creepy dude is GOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!! heh heh heh come on rocket dude you're representing all that's cool in science! Don't screw it up!!!

~LK~: Haha i point and laugh at creepy dude

Kat: i just had a thought...we gotta get dustin watching this show with us!

~LK~: Im shocked he doesnt watch this!

~LK~: Noooo no great distance

~LK~: Fall fall fall!!

Kat: uh oh....

~LK~: Omg... Nooo

~LK~: Holy crap

Kat: DAMMIT!!!!!!

~LK~: Mannnnnnnn

Kat: LAME LAME TOTALLY LAME!! that creeper dancing guy won!

~LK~: Insert dissppointed face here

Kat: **eye roll** i'm going to bed...

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