Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Oops! ...I Did It Again~

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think I did it again...
well I know, yes I did it again. I once again distracted the class and got the "look". Of course when that look comes from the beneficient one himself, I don't quiver with fear in my flip flops. However I did distract the class yet again. Why oh why do I keep doing this? Am I not being properly stimulated in this class? oh that didn't sound right, did it? Ok well is this course just not challenging me enough? I could honestly say, probably not. I'm bored and when Kat gets bored...well Kat decides to entertain herself. Lately I've been an avid reader of the Tree Lobsters comic strip. Super funny, I suggest you go check them out! So while in this class I read some of the science'y' blogs I keep up with, swing over to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (another comic you should be reading) and then shimmy up to the Tree Lobsters. Sometimes I can't help myself and I chuckle or LoL loudly when I read it. While I'm reading I sort of forget that I'm in an actual class where there is an actual professor, lecturing. I inevitably distract everyone. Mostly because they are trying to figure out what the doc said that was so damn funny! He then turns to me and gives me the "look". You know the one! The one that says "WTF, mate?" That look and I are very well acquainted. I get it frequently. Then he smiles and says okay whats so damn funny? So then I share, everyone has a laugh and then the beneficient one's RAM kicks in and we go down in a completely different path than we were on. hehehee it's great to hold such grand power, isn't it!?
So what was so damned special about today?!?! Well I got the "look" twice!!! The first time after reading the Tree Lobsters. I was able to contain my laughter for once but did one of those hand on forehead while shaking head smiling kind of things. At that same time the prof looked up straight at me and gave me the "WTF, mate" look....though he didn't ask me to share with the class. Mostly because he probably knew what I was doing. He just looked at me gave me the "look", and then smiled before giving me yet another look that I'm acquainted with, the "I'm only pretending to look pissed off" look. He then goes on with lecture. My attention starts to wane and once again I take to my computer to find some much needed entertainment to keep me from snoring in class. (yes its happened! Don't judge!) I went to my facebook and saw this link for a deleted scene from Jackass that was shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It was Britney Spears doing the port a potty sling shot thingie! Even without the sound it was AMAH-ZING!! I was trying to hold it in but I couldn't! It was as if the Hoover Dam was exploding! How the hell can you hold that kind of laughter back, I ask you?!?! Well let me tell you how....YOU CAN'T!!! not possible, at least for me its not. So I LoL'd loudly! Got not only the "WTF, mate?" look from the prof but in turn I also got the "that girl is so weird" look from my classmates. (yeah that's another look I get quite frequently...) Anyhoo, I apologized but it was intermittent with giggles. Of course everyone wanted to know what Kat though was damned funny but alas there was no time to show it. So I got people yelling at me as class lets out, 'Hey Kat, send me the link!!" As I left doc asked me if I was presenting on Friday. See I gotta do a little presentation on Vitamin D synthesize in the body and its relation to skin color. I told him if I finish my movie, I will. He has the "I'm going to be bad, this is going to be good" look on his face. I know he is now up to something!! Who says college is NOT fun!!??
Anyways, question of the day is: Why in the hell do you give me the "that girl is so weird" look when you know you are going to ask me to send you the link? Shouldn't you be giving me the "grateful you interrupted the old gas bag" look? Yeah that's what I thought...

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