Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kat is feelin inspired...

UUmmmm yeah so I know its been awhile and to tell you the truth I just haven't felt like my normal self of telling it how it is. With the move and what not I've been a little down and out. But lately though....well I've been feeling a little more like my normal self. Yeah I went through this period where I thought I might actually be an optimist?! yeah crazy I know but this was far from the truth. Turns out that my bitterness was on vacation and I was just in a really good mood for awhile. I'm sorry to my family and friends that I scared.
So over the next few days I'll start getting everyone up to speed on the randomness that is going on and going through my head. I'll be posting some of my projects from this class I'm taking. Yeah its been interesting. Originally Posted February 2009 by ~kat

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