Sunday, July 15, 2012

19 days.....and counting...

Okay so y'all were probably thinking, "When the hell is Kat gonna get political?" Well its here! We have less than 20 days before we choose the next person to head up our country. So over the next 20 days, I am committed to making sure you make the "informed" decision rather than just an ideology decision. With that said..
I was watching the 3rd and final presidential debate last night. You know the one I speak of. The one where Joe the plumber became famous! Oh yeah Joe I'm talking to you! Why couldn't it have been Bob? Bob is way cooler than Joe! Or even Kat! Why couldn't have John McCain been talking to me!?
Anyhoo, so after about 45 minutes of those two blowing hot air, I had an epiphany! It was a few days in the making but it finally came to a head last night. One of the concerns of our great country is the environment. (heh heh, had ya fool, thought I was going to say economy. That's for another post...) Supposedly these presidential candidates want clean energy. They want clean water. They want to combat climate change. I say its just LIP SERVICE!!! You say of course Kat its lip service. They say what we want to hear and then we vote for them. Then we get disappointed after 4 years and when its time for them to run again.....they tell us this sob story of how the previous administration left everything in such shambles and disarray that it took them 4 years to sift through it. Now vote for me again & I can really get stuff done. We blindly agree to this. (Its rare for an incumbent to not win re-election) Then they spend the next 4 years trying to shove something through Congress as a reminder of their legacy. Then its time for another election and we'll still trying to find that candidate that will fight for our environment. The next time you see McCain or Obama up on the television spewing their verbal diarrhea about how they will fight for our environment, to protect our natural resources, TO HELP FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING.....I say think about this....
When you go to your mailbox, do you get fliers & pamphlets from the presidential candidates or the political parties of said candidates? When you drive by their regional campaign headquarters, how many cars do you see there? How many people? Are the lights on? When you walk through your neighborhood, how many yard signs do you see backing a specific candidate?
You say yeah Kat, so what?!?!! SO WHAT??!?!! How many trees had to come down to mail out those fliers? How much gas did those people have to guzzle to drive to the regional HQ? Are those cars "alternative" energy cars? What do you think those yard signs are made of? And what about the constant speeches
Presidential candidates are some of the most wasteful creatures I've ever encountered. By the end of their term as president they want to leave their mark on our country. I say they already did during their campaigns! They cut down our trees for their pamphlets. They used foreign oil to gas their cars, planes and buses! The next time a candidate says he/she wants to fight global warming, tell them to SHUT UP!!! Their constant rhetoric has expelled more hot air into our atmosphere than LA traffic! If your presidential candidate wants to fight for our environment I say give me a candidate that won't cut down trees to mail pamphlets & fliers telling me crap I already can get from Quit using that foreign oil you so desperately want to be independent from and use alternative energy sources to get to your constituents. And quit having these stupid debates and speeches. Every time you open your mouth, our Earth gets hotter!
My name is Kat and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!!
So what political party am I? I'm unaffiliated. What are my political views? I view all & choose what I think is truthful. Who am I voting for in November? Probably the candidate that I got the least amount of mail from....

Originally Posted: October 2008 By ~kat

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